Hush the Baby: We all know babies make it known when they aren't comfortable. They scream. They cry. They throw tantrums. But when you think about it, adults do too. I mean, think back to the last time your dad was hangry. Not. Pretty. Now just imagine if he had issues with...chafing. And then quickly unimagine it. Thankfully, you've never had to witness him fully breakdown because Johnson's Baby Powder is there to comfort his tush and not you. 
Fun Facts: All the actors in our spots are amateur actors from all over Texas. We had one drive from Dallas where he is a full time DJ. One was from Austin, and had to shave his head for a role as a double in The Walking Dead. The voice actor came from San Antonio to sit in a small booth and say "hush the baby," about a million times. And of course, our secret favorite, Lisa is a local actor here in Austin with a mission to have as much fun as possible. Thank you to all our actors and voice specialists.
CW: Ramsay Campbell 
AD: Dani Penet
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